Container Rental

Rent waste containers for the transport of your construction materials or renovation work thanks to our container rental service in the Montreal and St-Eustache.

Renting a garbage & moving container: A simple and efficient solution

Whether for commercial or private purposes, container rental at M.M. Metal is a choice you won’t regret. Renting metal and construction waste containers is crucial for any professional, farmer, contractor, or for those who wish to carry out certain construction or personal renovation work.

The containers at your disposal will allow the transport of materials, the recovery of tools, and the collection of metal construction debris. Our container rental service is flexible and offers you the best experience on the market.

Container Rental Price

Unlike our competitors, we only charge you for the transport of your garbage containers. We transport and collect your containers at all times according to the agreement.

We offer two models of commercial container rental:

  • 20 yard long container.
  • 40 yard long container.

Our container rental service in St-Eustache and Montreal is an ideal solution for all those who have materials to recycle. We cover the entire North Shore of Montreal, passing through St-Eustache and Laval. To obtain the prices for the rental, do not hesitate to contact us.

container rental
40 yard container rental

The advantages of commercial container rental

Renting containers with M.M. Metal provides many advantages for our clients.

  • Moving materials or waste much easier
  • Speed and efficiency of material delivery
  • Protection of fragile tools and materials
  • Helps tenants move faster on their projects

Need a quote or a price?

To find out the price of our commercial container rental, just contact us by phone or email.

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