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M.M Metal is the number one scrap metal recycling company on the North Shore of Montreal and in the Laurentians region. Established since 2002, we strive to provide our clients with the best service in the industry while following very responsible environmental practices.

Your metal scrap yard in St-Eustache and on the North Shore of Montreal

Processes established since 2002

At M.M. Metal in St-Eustache, we have been conducting all our metal recycling operations in compliance with the strictest environmental standards since our foundation in 2002.

In addition, we take care to recover all the liquids and polluting waste contained in the unused vehicles when we receive them. By doing so, we ensure there are no accidental spills. It is only after these diligent steps that we proceed to press the metal scraps.

metal scrap yard
scrap yard

Quality work all year round

Our metal scrap yard operates in summer and winter. When you use our services, you make sure you are dealing with a rigorous and qualified team.

When using our service, you are insured to deal with a rigorous and qualified team. Until this day, our team of specialists consists of 15 loyal employees with extensive experience in the field. In order to build trust with our clients, we guarantee to work in a professional manner. Discover our customer service now! M.M. Metal offers you scrap metal services in St-Eustache.

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As a scrap metal dealer and expert in the recycling of metals, M.M. Metal must respect the environment. Our services are provided in a controlled and safe environment for both our employees and the public.

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